DIY Garage Door Repair – Top Safety Tips

If you have just had a garage door installed in your home, then there is a good chance that you will be tempted to take it for a test drive. However, one of the biggest mistakes you could make is trying to fix something more complicated than it is. The average cost to fix a garage door would greatly depend on how much damage or affect the parts are. There are minor ones and major repairs involved.

Hinges & Rollers: The most common reason why garage doors get damaged is the hinges and rollers’ failure. Many people try to replace the hinges and rollers by themselves, which is often not a good idea. Hinges and rollers are made of incredibly hard materials like aluminium. Replacing them by yourself could lead to dire consequences.

It would also heavily depend upon the kind of garage door you have installed, the material, style, and even the door’s size. For example, a vinyl door would be far less expensive to repair than a steel roller door repair one. Also, the average cost for repairing a wooden door can be ten times more expensive than repairing a metal door. This is why it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a professional garage door service provider as soon as you notice any problems with your door.

Roller Garage Door

One of the most common problems that can occur is broken garage door springs. What is meant by this is that the springs used to raise or lower your door will probably be beyond repair. In this case, you might want to consider replacing the spring. If you are sure you will not be able to fix it on your own, it is always advisable to get in touch with a professional garage door repair company. The cost of repairing a broken garage door spring would depend mainly upon the materials used to manufacture the spring. Several springs are made from high-quality materials but these tend to be quite expensive.

If you are unsure whether the springs are worth repairing, it is best to call in professionals. If it is a minor problem, such as a bent spring, you may be able to mend it on your own. However, if you have bent or rusted springs, it is advisable to call in a professional garage door repair service. They have the necessary tools and expertise to take care of delicate situations such as these. Several types of springs are available to you, ranging from tension springs, compression springs, and torsion springs. Depending on your specific needs, it will be necessary to know exactly which type of spring is required to fix your door.

Another common problem that people face with their doors is broken or worn sensors. Sensors play an important role in monitoring the opening and closing of the door. When they are not properly working, the door may not open or close at all. For example, when a sensor is defective, it may cause the door not to open or close in any particular manner. However, before trying to repair or replace the sensors, it is advisable to turn off the power and isolate the main power supply area.

One very important part of repairing garage doors is the roller replacement. Roller replacements are also known as trackball replacements. It is possible to purchase roller replacements from various stores. However, it is also possible to buy them from specialist garage doors repair service providers online.

Torsion Springs: If the door has a bent torsion spring, or if it has rusted completely, DIY repairs can become a difficult job. Professional garage doors repair service provider will be able to carry out precise and complicated in repairs. Before attempting to do such repairs on your own, it is important to check the spring’s installation and see if it has been tampered with. If it has been, the torsion spring may rupture and cause severe damage to the entire door.

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Benefits of Installing 6kw Solar Panels on Your Home

Today, it seems like everyone is talking about home solar systems. There are many reasons why people want to get these types of systems put into their homes. Many people want to reduce their monthly power costs, lower their carbon footprint, and be a “good neighbour” to the environment.

6 kW solar systems generally cost $5,784 on average for an installation. Because of different brands, they also do cost between $3,200 and $4,120. Also, depending on where you live, buyers in the northern territories can pay far less than others in the southern hemisphere. So depending on where you live and the amount of power your house requires, you can choose a different brand and price range for your solar system.

The first reason people have for wanting to install these solar systems is to save money on their power usage. They are able to reduce their monthly power usage by as much as 30%. They do this by reducing the amount of electricity they use when they turn on their lights or appliances. This also reduces their carbon footprint because they don’t have to be as dependent on electricity from traditional power sources such as coal-fired power plants. Also, if they implement a whole house system, they can take advantage of one fixed energy source, which can be significantly cheaper than a multi-stage switching process.

When purchasing these types of solar systems, several things need to be taken into consideration. The first is the output capacity of the solar system. This refers to the overall size of the solar system. It is good to figure out what the output will be, then multiply that by the number of input devices. It is recommended to purchase at least 6 kW solar systems for each output, but many installations may require more.

For a fully off-grid application, the output capacity will vary depending on the year’s growth in available solar energy and the amount of sunlight that the location receives. For example, it will be much easier to produce a 6kwh system to produce enough power for your house at a certain time of the day when the sun is shining stronger. However, the amount of available wind power will vary depending on the wind that is blowing where you live.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a solar system. One is the payback periods, which will vary depending on the manufacturer and the desired level of functionality. Most manufacturers recommend that you receive a 25-year payback period for the solar system installation. The longer payback periods these manufacturers offer are because they decrease the amount of risk they take in producing a low-quality solar kit. The lower the risk on the part of the manufacturer, the higher the product price becomes. As a result, this means that these manufacturers have a greater incentive to provide extremely useful renewable energy products to their customers.

Solar Panels

The tax credit that is included with some solar systems also helps to drive the cost down significantly. This tax credit helps the consumer who purchases one of these renewable energy products to be able to buy and consume them at a substantially lower rate than a standard product would require. Some manufacturers offer a free or low-cost solar calculator online to help potential buyers calculate their payback periods and monthly costs. This calculator can also be used to compare the amount of money that is saved by using renewable energy over conventional methods.

Finally, these solar energy panels are considered to be relatively safe to install and to operate. Many consumers who install these in their homes do not need to worry about anything affecting energy production as the panel’s excess heat is conducted away from home.

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Rejuvenating your outdoor patio space with flooring options

It’s widespread for people to spend more time and resources decorating and renovating the interior of houses than the space in the exterior courtyard. The reality is that the exterior patio is a super important area of the house. With some effort and dedication, you can make it look spectacular so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. One factor that can revive your outdoor patio is a good floor. Undoubtedly rejuvenating your outdoor patio space will give your home a touch of joy and excitement.


As with any home renovation project to rejuvenate the outdoor patio floor, there are also several key factors to keep in mind:


Before starting this project, you should calculate your accounts very well and analyze what is your available budget for it. According to your budget, you will choose the type of floor, the quality of the materials, the duration of the renovation, etc. Besides, it would help if you also considered the maintenance costs and other possible renovations that you would like to do in your outdoor patio in the future that involve the floor since the ideal is that there is harmony between all the elements.


This is a crucial factor since, according to the purpose and wear you will give, you will need one type of floor or another. You should consider if you need a more delicate and elegant floor or one that is a little more rustic but more resistant. This will be determined by the purpose you have for your outdoor patio. For example, if you have children, it is advisable to have a resistant and safe floor. If you like to hold meetings with friends and family in your home, the outdoor patio floor should be durable to withstand wear and tear.


If in the future, you would like to renovate your outdoor patio completely, you should think about what kind of floor will best match the ideas you have and thus have a beautiful outdoor patio.


There is a wide variety of outdoor patio flooring options, and to make your life easier, we will mention the best options and their benefits below:

Timber outdoor floorboards


And we couldn’t start with another type of floor; the number one option par excellence is wood flooring. Thanks to its durability and attractive appearance, it’s a great choice for the outdoor patios. Wood will add a unique and refreshing touch to your patio design and it’s a durable material that can withstand a lot of use. The maintenance is economical, and it goes well with just about anything, so no matter what other elements your outdoor patio has, it will look great.

Concrete flooring


Concrete is an excellent choice if you need a strong and durable floor for your outdoor patio. It’s important to note that this type of floor is the most economical on the market, and it requires almost no maintenance. Just sweep and clean with water, and it will be as good as new. Many people don’t like the natural look of concrete, but many options improve its appearance. The recent trend of polished concrete flooring is one such example. You can choose the color of your preference, and it will look more refined and elegant. Concrete is economical and very resistant and will stay in good condition for many years. However, if you have small children, you should be careful, as the concrete’s surface is hard.

Outdoor Tile Floors


If you’re looking for a floor for your outdoor patio that’s stylish, modern, and durable, porcelain or ceramic tiles are the ideal choices. The variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles is endless; you can get tiles of any color, design, and size that you want. Tiles are a bit expensive, so you have to be careful not to go over budget. They are durable and don’t require much maintenance, usually with sweeping and water washing repeatedly. However, when they are wet, they are very slippery, so if you live in an area where it rains a lot, they may not be the best choice.

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Fencing Can Do More Than Just Keeping Unwanted Visitors Away

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Fencing can do more than just keeping unwanted visitors away. With fencing, you can achieve more with your space and have a more pleasant environment simply by doing a few extra little things.

If you desire a colourful fence, there are many different options and models you can choose from. You can even modify the existing fence in your home permanently or for the time being. On the other hand, you can completely revamp or buy a durable Colorbond fence. Take a look at our list of possible actions for ideas and to get inspired for that your next outdoor project.


If you desire to add colour to an already existing fence, painting may be the simplest option. The paint must adhere perfectly to the old fence. Do not forget to scrape the old paint off so that the new paint can stick. You may also want to sand it if it’s a wooden fence to obtain a smoother surface. If your fence is made of metal material, you can also paint it, but be very sure you’re buying paints which are made for metals. With this, your fence will not just keep unwanted visitors away, it will also beautify your home.

Having A Tough Time Painting? Use Privacy Strips

While it is unfortunate that painting a chainlink fence can be difficult, you can still improve the look. Even though you are painting through the bar and post, along with the top and bottom of your fence, it can be a bit difficult to paint those small pieces of metal which are in the middle of the fence. So what you’d do is to possible get privacy strips. Privacy strips are long, weather-resistant vinyl pieces that you can intertwine through any cyclone fence.

Depending on you, you may even create your personal colour privacy stripes. If you want a semi-permanent effect, then you have to tear the old sheets, and then you weave them around the fence. On the other hand, for a more lasting effect, you can buy flexible vinyl or get old vinyl sheets which have neat patterns, cut it out and place it through your fence, for a nice aesthetic effect.

Adorn Your Fence Naturally With Vining Plants

Alternatively, you can go the natural route to make your fence look very nice, all you need do is to plant some climbing vines right beside it. Vines can be started on the ground along the fence or in small pots on the base of your fence. Then, when the buds sprout, gently guide the tendrils toward the fence so they can begin to climb. It works in solid wood and lattice fences. Hardenbergia violacea is a nice and adaptable option, it has pink, purple or also white flowers to add extra beauty. If you like bright red, go for a touch of purple on Coral Peas or Jasminoides Pandorea.

These are really simple ways to make your fence not a tool to only keep unwanted visitors away or a form of boundary or privacy, it also provides aesthetic functions and makes the house beautiful.

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Tree pruning, stump removal & tree cabling services

Tree pruning is such a process which includes that at the time of planting, remove only diseased, dead or broken branches. The tree pruning is quite a helpful process to shape young trees. If you know the basic about tree trimming or tree pruning then you may able to handle the majority of this kind of work by yourself. For the newbies, tree pruning is a tough job to do as they are not familiar with it. There are a variety of techniques by following which one can easily trim their trees. Different companies tend to follow various techniques and methods to prune trees which they think is the best one according to conditions. Just like this, the stump removal is quite a professional job  to do as it is not easy for a layman to remove a stump which is buried deep in the ground. Such types of specialist tree removal services are mostly taken by the professional companies as they have a number of teams of professionals to carry out such tasks in a safe way.

Then there’s a process called, tree cabling and bracing. Such method or process is often used during the pruning of huge trees to make sure the safety of surrounding areas. As the installation of cables and bracing rods along with pruning to reduce end-weight can reduce the likelihood of a structural failure. If such types of services are taken by a reputable company then they use to properly install the cables which help to redistribute structural stress and the bracing rods can provide support attachments deemed weak. If it is done perfectly, the combination of cabling and bracing can successfully address existing splitting limbs and trunks. For example the mature trees which have a broad spreading canopy, such as the Live Oaks, often have lower limbs that grow horizontally to the edge of the canopy.  Such limbs often wilt lower with the weight of and additional year’s growth. Such cabling is an alternative to the removal of large branches.

There are a variety of companies which deals in the services regarding stump removal, tree pruning and timber slabbing as well. By handing over such job to professionals, one can make sure about the safety and precautionary measures which must be taken before a tree removal, tree pruning or stump removing. The tree cabling and bracing help to hold the large branches of trees which are going to be pruned as there is a possibility that the long or bowed branches may fell own in your neighborhood and you may have to pay for that. So, prevention is better than cure. The tree stump removing and tree pruning is professional jobs which are supposed to be accomplished by the people who are expert in it. Because any type of mistake and negligence can cause a surprise to happen. So, planning to get you tree stump removed or want to prune the dead or falling branches of your trees, get the professional services to get the work done.

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Plant Ideas: Choosing The Right Plants for you Landscape

Simply making your landscaping plants choices based on only coluor, size, and type will generally not give you the greatest success. The best planting schemes aren’t complicated but they don’t happen by accident either.

Along with being familiar with the individual plants growth habits, principles such as simplicity, repetition, and balance should be considered with all primary plant placements and ideas.

Beyond Color, Size, and Type

For most folks, the primary considerations for choosing landscaping plants and planting ideas are simply color, size, and type(tree, bush, flower). However, for true diversity, creativity, and increased survival rate, you should add a few more considerations to the list.

Creating a thriving and functional planting scheme for your landscaping or garden isn’t without effort. You’ll need to base your plant choices on thought out and planned guidelines and considerations. Color, size, and type can be placed in a plan for visual without actually knowing exact plants. However, to match these spaces with the right plants will take a little study, effort, and additional planning.

To make it easier, you can break this down into primary, secondary, and other considerations for the revegetation projects.

Primary Considerations For Choosing The Right Garden And Landscaping Plants

Plant Width and Height should be figured by the mature size a plant will get to be in both up and spread outward directions. Generally not the size the plant is when you buy it.

Form is the shape of a plant and how it occupies and accents an area. Common form and shapes are oval, round, creeping, columnar, vase, weeping.

Texture can be considered in terms of leaf thickness, fineness or roughness, and shade(light or dark) of plants. As a rule, use more finer textured plants than coarse textures.

Seasonal interest and color are figured by the special features a plant has at different times of the year. Foliage, Winter color, changing colors, fruit, flowers, etc.

Secondary Planting Conditions

Disease And Insect Resistance
Shady Or Sunny
Moisture tolerance
Drought Resistance
Soil Types
Plant Information

Other Considerations

Landscaping plants are a common choice to screen or hide unsightly areas of your landscaping ideas such as air conditioners and trash cans. However, in most applications, you don’t want to attract attention to these areas using bright colorful plants as the cover. Generally, being the norm, green tends to attract less attention to the area.

Large leaf plants

Generally, large leaf plants work well in the shade. More leaf surface allows the plant to gather and use more light. However, for obvious reasons, large leaf plants are not the best choice for windy areas. Not only are they more susceptible to tearing in the wind, the more leaf surface releases more moisture to drying winds.

Colours and space

To make a large area garden seem more intimate and cozy, use bright colourful plants. To make small gardens seem larger, use lighter coloured plants. You can also transition shades of one colour from lighter to darker or darker to lighter to give a sense of depth, more space, or less space.

Contrast and visibility

Consider the colours of surrounding areas and base plant colour choices on whether you want plants to contrast or blend with an area. For instance, white flowers against a red brick home will be highly visible while red Roses will blend in.

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Welcome to 5 Elements Landscapes

5 Elements Landscapes offer a complete Landscape Design service in Melbourne. We deliver a quality service at affordable prices to all potential new clients interested in our Landscape Design service.

5 Elements Landscapes design and build incorporate your inspiration experience and creativity. With a passion for nature and design, our gardens are an example of what can be achieved

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and customer focused Landscape Design company in Melbourne to assist you, speak to one of our friendly staff members at 5 Elements Landscapes

Melbourne Landscape Design services:

Synthetic Grass
Turf Installation
Water Features
Free Consultations
Free Measure & Quote

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A Little About Us

5 Elements Landscapes comprises of a highly qualified team with over 15 years experience and multiple garden design awards. We have infused a simple design philosophy combining “SPACE” “FUNCTION” “SYMETERY” “BALANCE” “TEXTURE” “COLOUR” & “MOVEMENT”.

The garden is a very personal abode and designing the Out Door space to reflect your lifestyle is something 5 Elements Landscapes gains great pleasure being involved with. From a small courtyard to a large acreage, we will ensure every step of the way is an enjoyable, personal & exciting experience for everyone involved. our ability to understand the clients requirements and translate this through the design brief ensures we deliver a garden that will suit your lifestyle and bring endless enjoyment for all the family.

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